Our Primary Expertise and Capacity

Monitoring and Evaluation Institute uses widely shared methodologies and techniques to provide its services, which includes:
  1. Participatory performance monitoring support
  2. Technical support on data collection and analysis
  3. Technical support on data quality assurance and control
  4. Technical Support on research, planning and implementation
  5. Information and knowledge sharing
  6. Design of monitoring tools
  7. Performance monitoring plans
  8. Support in conducting field monitoring visits and reporting

Evaluation planning and implementation
  1. Development of evaluation strategy
  2. Guidance on program implementation based donor evaluation expectations
  3. Setting up performance management systems
  4. Conducting baseline assessments, mid-term evaluations and final evaluations

Capacity Building, Knowledge-Management and Learning
  1. Training of project staff on M&E
  2. M&E systems development
  3. Training on reporting requirements of donor projects
  4. Training on data management and data visualization
Documentation of best practices on M&E
  1. Independent evaluation of projects and programs
  2. Sharing best-practices on M&E in especially developing countries
  3. Program Monitoring and Evaluation
  4. Policy development and review
  5. Feasibility studies, Baseline Assessments, operations Research & Market Research
  6. Master Planning and Strategic Planning

Logistics, Conferences and Workshop support
  1. Provide logistics platforms (venue, accommodation, transportation etc...) for the implementation of workshops and conferences
  2. Administrative support to ensure success of workshops and Conference
Surveys and Research
  1. Qualitative Researches (In-depth /Key Informant interviews)
  2. Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), Participants Observations etc...
  3. Quantitative Research (community or household surveys, facility-based studies, user client satisfaction survey, encounter surveys etc...
  4. Mixed Methods (using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies)
  5. Operations Research (using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies)
  6. Feasibility studies, Baseline Assessments
  7. Market Research

M&E Software Development
  1. We develop state of the art software to assist our clients in managing their projects/programs

Results Management
  1. We assist in analyzing data to identify those results that yield the best cost to benefit ratio.
  2. We conduct feasibility Studies, cost-benefit analysis etc… to understand programs effectiveness

Quality Assurance
  1. We assist during project designs to ensure that from inception projects are planned to deliver the desired outcomes

M&E Systems
  1. We conduct M&E System Assessment to know capacity, strengths and challenges
  2. We design comprehensive management plans and strategies for proper monitoring and evaluation. Which includes data policies and performance indicators