Monitoring and evaluation is the basis for performance improvement and accountability. It also helps us maximize results and minimize cost. Monitoring and Evaluation Institute has a unique position to deliver effective services to our clients by ensuring that data is available timely for decision making and feedback to relevant stakeholders. We work by providing technical assistance and capacity building for a range of clients which includes the private sector, civil society and public sector. We assist governments to develop key performance indicators and track the outcomes of their services. Our trainings include among others;  



  • Qualitative Research Methodologies      
  • Understanding Monitoring and Evaluation Concepts and Context
  • Results Based Management Basics
  • Right Based Approaches, Inclusive and Equity Evaluations
  • Surveys Planning and Quantitative Research Methodologies
  • Developing Indicators and Performance Management Plans Logic Models and Frameworks /their use in evaluation
  • ​Developing Evaluation Plans: a necessity or luxury
  • Participatory Methodologies for M&E 
  • Overview on participatory methodologies in evaluation
  • Evaluation as a profession the skills needed to excel
  • Evaluation proposals and Evaluation Reports
  • Data Collection and Analysis Techniques
  • Data Science and Developing Database
  • Conducting Impact Evaluations ​Brown Bag Annual Evaluators Meeting
  • Sampling and Experimental Design